Current and recent PhD and postdoctoral team members:  

Current PhD candidates:

  • Sarah Coleman (2020-23, ESRC funded), Topic: "Improving Project Delivery in Government" (first supervisor/University of Manchester)

  • Rong Wang (2020-23), Topic: "Cross-Border Real Estate Investment Preferences" (first supervisor/University of Manchester)

  • Buker Audeh (2020-23), Topic: "Exchange Rate and Real Estate Returns" (external supervisor/University of Reading)



Completed PhDs:

  • Dr Olayiwola O. Oladiran (PhD completed in 2020) "Essays on Migration and Housing" (first supervisor/University of Reading) employed at the University of Sheffield.
  • Dr Fangchen Zhang (PhD completed in 2020) "Implications of Investors’ Heterogeneity for the Commercial Real Estate Market - An Analysis of the UK Market"  (co-supervisor/University of Reading) employed at Northumbria University
  • Dr Steffen Heinig (PhD completed in 2019) "Essays on Sentiment: An Analysis of the Commercial Real Estate Market" (first supervisor/University of Reading) employed at Liverpool John Moores University
  • Dr Shuai Shi (PhD completed in 2018) "The Convergence of Geo-Space and Network Space in City Region Development in China: taking the Mid-Yangtze River City Region as an example"; (co-supervisor/University of Reading). employed at University of Hong Kong
  • Dr Linning Zhu (PhD completed in 2016) "House Price Dynamics in Contemporary Urban China"; (co-supervisor/University of Reading)
  • Dr Dimitra Kavarnou (PhD completed in 2015) “The Housing Markets of the Greek Islands”; (first supervisor, University of Reading)
  • Dr Jia-Huey Yeh (PhD completed in 2015) “Regional House Price Dynamics in Taiwan”; (first supervisor/University of Reading) employed at Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics