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As an economist and academic, I work on issues related to urban areas, housing and commercial properties where we all live out our lives and earn our livelihoods. These issues are so complex and multi-faceted that no one discipline can provide all the tools and concepts needed to understand those fully. Therefore, I appreciate, learn and apply multi-disciplinary approaches and methods in collaborations with other experts.

I grew up in rural India (West Bengal), observing agricultural activities, changes in land uses and nascent stages of urbanisation in the 80s and 90s. I went to college in a state capital city (Kolkata, India) to study Economics and then to the United States for doctoral studies in the same subject.


My work has taken me to various directions and places, and allowed me to observe a wide range of issues related to property markets, financialisation and urbanisation - from rural India to metropolises of Mumbai and Kolkata to Boston and Washington DC to London and Manchester. My research brings those rural/urban and international experiences together and examines the processes and outcomes of our interactions with the property market and highlights the complex dynamics of economic, environmental, political and societal issues.


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